Natasha F.

“When I first came to Debt Solutions Network, I had left behind an extremely bad marriage. Expenses from leaving that relationship and suddenly becoming a single-income family had completely maxed out my available credit, and as time went on I found myself completely unable to keep up. I would pay some accounts timely, but only the minimums, so none of my balances really went down. Other accounts I could not afford to pay just spiraled up and up with late fees and interest. This was starting to jeopardize my ability to take care of my children, and I was truly afraid that some small, single expense like a car problem would end up costing me what little savings I was able to keep.

Debt Solutions Network set me up with a monthly payment that was the same every time, and worked with my creditors to get balances reduced and settled. In return, I had to pay settlement fees. I found these to be reasonable amounts and well worth it for two reasons. First, I never had to talk to the creditors again. Being able to answer my phone without fear was worth its weight in gold. For the first year, I literally kept Debt Solutions Network’s phone number taped next to my phone and gave it to every creditor who called me. Secondly, the fees themselves were far less that I would have ended up paying if I had to pay the full account balances, late fees and interest. Knowing what I had to pay every month and receiving monthly statements that actually showed accounts going down, down and then AWAY was a wonderful feeling. Debt Solutions Network was always knowledgeable, ethical and available whenever I had a question or a concern.

As a result, I’ve been able to focus better on giving my children what they need and on building my career security so that I will never in this position again. It’s been wonderful to finally get to a place where I have some options and I don’t have to worry every minute that the smallest thing could collapse everything I’ve tried to build. Thank you so much.”