Bill and Toni T.

“We would like to thank Bobby and everyone else at Debt Solutions Network for all of their help and knowledge. We had lost two sons, our youngest in 2011 and our oldest in 2005. Our boys left their wives with no insurance and as parents we stepped in and helped their wives bury them. We were left in a big financial situation and we didn’t want to file bankruptcy. My health was in pretty bad shape. I went from working every day to being unable to work. I had nothing left in me to deal with the financial stress. We called all the creditors and explained to them what happened and they gave us no way out. There was nothing they would do to help us. We called our accountant for help to write it off in our taxes, but the fact that our children were grown and because we loaned the money to our daughters-in-law, we were told we could bury our neighbor’s children but we cannot bury our own and get a tax break.

We called Debt Solutions Network and they took it from there. We were so lucky to have gotten Bobby on the phone, as he provided so much relief for us, it was unbelievable! Without him, I wouldn’t have known what to do. We want to thank him so much for everything he did for us. I would also like to mention that Bobby really went out of his way making sure all the creditors were aware that they could have no contact with me. It really made a difference in my recovery! And the payment plan was set up just for us and our needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”