Stop struggling to make payments on Unsecured Debts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Payday loans, Medical bills, and getting nowhere!

Stop paying on Interest and Fees and never see your balances go down!

Debt Solutions Network can help you and show you how to get out of debt fast, paying back less than you owe! We will negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts, potentially saving you 40-70% off of what you owe!

Debt Solutions Without Confusion

When debt is your problem, we have the solution!
Let us help you and show you how to get out of debt today!

Stop collection calls and harassment! Consolidate all your monthly payments into one lower monthly payment!

Stop struggling paying interest and fees never seeing the balances go down

Creditors want you to pay interest for as long as possible but the truth is you don’t have to continue to pay them and get nowhere. We will help you get out of debt so you can enjoy the benefits of debt free living.

The truth is the creditors never want you to get out of debt. They want you to pay them for the rest of your life and never pay them off because if you did, then they would stop making money off of you. What they don’t want you to know is that you don’t have to. Paying interest and fee’s is another form of indentured Slavery. We will help you get out of debt so you can enjoy the benefits of debt free living.

Consolidate all your monthly payments into one lower, manageable monthly payment

We work with you to determine what you can afford and what monthly payment will work for you, not for us. We provide unmatched flexibility in payments offering you the best chance to get out of debt.

Most debt settlement companies will demand what your monthly payment must be, and if you cannot manage to pay that amount more than once or twice a year for some reason, then you’re cancelled from their program. That will not happen with Debt Solution Network. We work with you to determine what you can afford and what monthly payment will work for you, not for us. We provide unmatched flexibility in payments offering you the best chance to get out of debt.

We provide Personalized, best in the industry customer service

You matter to us. No talking to machines or waiting for days for a call back. When you have questions we have answers. We provide straight forward Debt Advice you can count on.

When you sign up with Debt Solutions Network you’re not just a number, you’re a person. We will work with you from the beginning to the end and never pass you off to some other company. When you call us, you will have someone to answer the phone who will know you and be familiar with your situation. No talking to machines or waiting for days for someone to call you back, if at all. When you have questions we have answers, that day. We provide straight forward Debt Advice you can count on.

Get Free Credit Report and Score information

We cannot pull your credit report for you, but we will help you obtain it so we know what we need to work on. We will help eliminate your debts and help you rebuild your credit when we’re done.

While Debt Solutions Network is not a credit reporting agency, and therefore cannot pull your credit report for you, we will help you, show you and guide you to getting your free credit report and score. This way we know what you need to take care of so we don’t waste time or money paying accounts that you don’t need to pay. About 80% of credit reports have errors on them, and those errors always favor the creditors charging you more to lend money from them. We will help you get that cleaned up and help you rebuild your credit when we’re done eliminating your debt.

Stop Collection calls and Creditor Harassment

Debt Solutions Network will essentially act as a shield between you and your creditors. We will get collection calls stopped quickly, making the creditors speak to us, not you.

Debt Solutions Network will essentially act as a shield between you and your creditors. Your creditors would rather deal with you because they know in most cases they will have the advantage and the last thing they want is fair fight. While we cannot guard you against every action your creditors may try to take against you, we will help make it as difficult on them as possible. Once you enroll with us we can get all collection calls stopped quickly, typically within a day or two. We make it so your creditors have to deal with us, not you, to get the accounts resolved. While your creditors will not appreciate this, you certainly will.

Free Consultation and Financial Analysis to determine which program is best for you

We provide this to figure out which debt consolidation program is right for you, based on your personal situation.

At Debt Solutions Network we want to help people get out of debt, whether that is with us in our debt settlement program, or with another company in another debt consolidation program. Debt Settlement is not a good fit for everyone. That is why we provide a free consultation and financial analysis to figure out which program is right for you, based on your personal individual situation. If we aren’t confident that we will help you get out of debt then we won’t take you on as a client.

No upfront Fees and We guarantee we will save you money

You only pay us based on what we save you and only after you’ve saved money. If we didn’t save you anything we wouldn’t earn anything.

We cannot guarantee exactly how much we will save you, because each individual account is its own negotiation, but we would not still be in business after 15 years if we didn’t do what we say we do. This cannot be any clearer and straight forward, Debt Solutions Network doesn’t earn a penny from you until after we’ve saved you money off of what you owe. Most debt settlement companies will charge you based on how much debt you have, not on how much they save you, why would you want that? The best thing about Debt Solutions Network is that we ONLY charge you based on how much we save you. If we don’t save you money then we don’t earn anything. Can you ask for any better guarantee than that? The more we save you the more we earn, so we will be fighting and negotiating to save you as much as possible. Our goal is to get you out of debt as soon as possible for as little as possible.

*Disclaimer* Our Guarantee is for people who actually participate in and complete the program, not for people who sign up, do not attempt to stick to the recommended deposit/payment schedule, or never make any deposits/payments. If you do not or cannot make deposits/payments into the program then we obviously cannot settle with your creditors. If we cannot settle with your creditors then we cannot save you money. In 15 years we have never had a client stick to the recommended deposit/payment schedule and not be successful saving money becoming debt free.

Avoid Bankruptcy and Save approximately 40%-70% through Debt Settlement

For those who do not qualify for or wish to avoid bankruptcy the debt settlement program is the fastest and cheapest way to get out of debt.

Our average savings is about 50% off of what you owe. The Debt Settlement program is essentially a niche market for people who cannot afford a consumer credit counselling services / Debt Management program payment and do not qualify for or do not want to declare bankruptcy. While you would need to speak with an attorney to help determine whether or not you qualify for bankruptcy, we will give you straight forward advice on whether or not Debt Settlement or debt management is best for you. If we don’t believe either program will be successful for you then we will recommend you speak with an attorney.


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We will negotiate with your creditors to settle your debts, potentially saving you 40-70% off of what you owe!

In our Debt Settlement program we will consolidate all of your accounts into one lower monthly payment and negotiate with each of your creditors until every last one of your accounts are settled and you are debt free.

You pay no fees until we save you money and only pay based on what we save you!

Debt Solutions Network will create a plan that works specifically for you!

Our program is designed to get you out of debt in 3 years or less!

Our Debt settlement plan will be designed for you, based on your personal situation and we will help you get out of debt for as little as possible as soon as possible.

We can help manage and settle out all unsecured debts, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, payday loans, Medical Bills, repossessed vehicle loans, Consolidation Loans, and many more.

We provide Personalized customer service so when you call our office you’ll have a person to talk to who is familiar with you and your situation, as well as what is going on with your creditors.

We will walk you through every step of the process of debt settlement until the last account has been settled and you are Debt Free!

Debt Solutions Network doesn’t charge you anything until we save you money and we only charge based on what we save you. If we don’t save you any money, then you don’t pay us. That has never happened. As long as you can follow our program we can guarantee that we’ll save you money.

Some of Our Testimonials

  • "I enrolled my grandmother into this Debt Settlement Program about two and a half years ago. She was on the verge of having to move because she couldn't afford her rent. Decades of credit card debt had caused her to move in with family members at times, pay ridiculous amounts of interest to quick loan establishments as well as pay late fees. Relationships were strained because of the feeling that they couldn't be happy because she was in such a mess. Small loans from family members caused tension as they only kept her afloat, and the money was wasted. Her relationship with God suffered because He tells us to give to Him so that we can watch Him work. She didn't believe that she could afford to give to God. She isolated herself from others because she knew that they would eventually find out about her financial problems if she got too close. After enrolling in the Debt Settlement Program, her monthly payment became almost half of what she paid in minimum payments. This enabled her to continue to live independently and have more spending money to socialize. DON'T WAIT! Let Debt Solutions Network negotiate a fair settlement so that you can mend relationships and regain your sanity and freedom. Above all, let Jesus pay your sin debt. God will make something beautiful out of your life if you will accept Him."
    Becki B.
  • Hey Debt Solutions Network, Chris & Bobby .......just want to thank you all for the wonderful care I received from your company, always with a personal touch. When I began I was overwhelmed with debt but you folks always set my mind at ease & for this I'm so grateful. I THANK YOU for your assistance on my journey in becoming debt free.............Satisfied & happy customer!
    Gillian W.
  • "When I first came to Debt Solutions Network, I had left behind an extremely bad marriage. Expenses from leaving that relationship and suddenly becoming a single-income family had completely maxed out my available credit, and as time went on I found myself completely unable to keep up. I would pay some accounts timely, but only the minimums, so none of my balances really went down. Other accounts I could not afford to pay just spiraled up and up with late fees and interest. This was starting to jeopardize my ability to take care of my children, and I was truly afraid that some small, single expense like a car problem would end up costing me what little savings I was able to keep. Debt Solutions Network set me up with a monthly payment that was the same every time, and worked with my creditors to get balances reduced and settled. In return, I had to pay settlement fees. I found these to be reasonable amounts and well worth it for two reasons. First, I never had to talk to the creditors again. Being able to answer my phone without fear was worth its weight in gold. For the first year, I literally kept Debt Solutions Network's phone number taped next to my phone and gave it to every creditor who called me. Secondly, the fees themselves were far less that I would have ended up paying if I had to pay the full account balances, late fees and interest. Knowing what I had to pay every month and receiving monthly statements that actually showed accounts going down, down and then AWAY was a wonderful feeling. Debt Solutions Network was always knowledgeable, ethical and available whenever I had a question or a concern. As a result, I've been able to focus better on giving my children what they need and on building my career security so that I will never in this position again. It's been wonderful to finally get to a place where I have some options and I don't have to worry every minute that the smallest thing could collapse everything I've tried to build. Thank you so much."
    Natasha F.
  • "There are no words to express my gratitude toward Debt Solutions Network and its wonderful and caring executives, Chris and Bobby, and the rest of their staff. The very first time I called the company, I knew I was in good hands. They explained the steps on how to become debt-free and stick to the plans with no pressure, no tricks. Every time I have a concern, either Chris or Bobby returns my calls with good explanations. They are so professional and courteous! We couldn't have gotten out of this money mess without their assistance. Debt Solutions Network is commendable!"
    Eden P.
  • "We would like to thank Bobby and everyone else at Debt Solutions Network for all of their help and knowledge. We had lost two sons, our youngest in 2011 and our oldest in 2005. Our boys left their wives with no insurance and as parents we stepped in and helped their wives bury them. We were left in a big financial situation and we didn't want to file bankruptcy. My health was in pretty bad shape. I went from working every day to being unable to work. I had nothing left in me to deal with the financial stress. We called all the creditors and explained to them what happened and they gave us no way out. There was nothing they would do to help us. We called our accountant for help to write it off in our taxes, but the fact that our children were grown and because we loaned the money to our daughters-in-law, we were told we could bury our neighbor's children but we cannot bury our own and get a tax break. We called Debt Solutions Network and they took it from there. We were so lucky to have gotten Bobby on the phone, as he provided so much relief for us, it was unbelievable! Without him, I wouldn't have known what to do. We want to thank him so much for everything he did for us. I would also like to mention that Bobby really went out of his way making sure all the creditors were aware that they could have no contact with me. It really made a difference in my recovery! And the payment plan was set up just for us and our needs. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
    Bill and Toni T.
  • "When I started the credit was horrible and I was unable to pay for these accounts....which were mostly in collections...on my own. I had recently divorced and the majority of those accounts were obtained during the marriage. Once joining the program, I was able to consolidate all the bills into one affordable monthly payment and pay off these accounts for less than what I owed! Debt Solutions Network you have been awesome....guiding me the whole way and answering all of my questions....even helping me with my credit report information. Now that I am finally finished with the program, my credit score is already way up from what it was when I started and I expect nothing but advancing it more in the months to come. This program was definitely a credit lifesaver. Thank you again DSN & Bobby for all your help and advice!! Wish you well!"
    Tatum S.