Becki B.

“I enrolled my grandmother into this Debt Settlement Program about two and a half years ago. She was on the verge of having to move because she couldn’t afford her rent. Decades of credit card debt had caused her to move in with family members at times, pay ridiculous amounts of interest to quick loan establishments as well as pay late fees. Relationships were strained because of the feeling that they couldn’t be happy because she was in such a mess. Small loans from family members caused tension as they only kept her afloat, and the money was wasted. Her relationship with God suffered because He tells us to give to Him so that we can watch Him work. She didn’t believe that she could afford to give to God. She isolated herself from others because she knew that they would eventually find out about her financial problems if she got too close.

After enrolling in the Debt Settlement Program, her monthly payment became almost half of what she paid in minimum payments. This enabled her to continue to live independently and have more spending money to socialize. DON’T WAIT! Let Debt Solutions Network negotiate a fair settlement so that you can mend relationships and regain your sanity and freedom. Above all, let Jesus pay your sin debt. God will make something beautiful out of your life if you will accept Him.”